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Wholly Owned Subsidiary or Joint Venture Company

WOS or JVC in India can be incorporated as a Private Limited Company or a Public Limited Company.

Governing Authority

Governing Authority for incorporation of Private Limited or Public Limited Company in India is Registrar of Companies.

Governing Law

The Companies Act, 2013 and the rules and regulations made there under.

Apart from difference from the compliance point of view the basic difference between a Private Limited Company and a Public Limited Company are as follows:

Particulars Public Company Private Company
Minimum Directors 3 2
Minimum Subscribers 7 2
Minimum Authorized Capital 0.5 Million
Indian Rupees
0.1 Million
Indian Rupees

Eligibility Criteria

Foreign Direct Investment in India in WOS or JVC is permitted under the following two routes:

a) Automatic Route: Indian companies can issue shares under the automatic route up to 100% of their paid up capital in those sectors wherein Foreign Direct Investment is permitted up to 100%.
In certain other sectors, the foreign investment is limited to a prescribed percentage ceiling.

b) Government Approval All other cases where the automatic route is not applicable require prior specific approval from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (commonly referred to as FIPB).

Time Period

There is no particular time limit as to the duration of Private/Public Limited Company. These entities shall carry on their business in India till the time they wound under the provisions of The Companies Act, 1956.

Permitted Activities

WOS/JVC can carry on the business activities as permitted by Foreign Direct Investment policy of India.

Flow Chart- Incorporation of WOS/JVC in India

Obtaining Director Identification Number(DIN) of all the Individuals proposed to be appointed as Director and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of any one of the individual proposed to be appointed as Director.

The Filing of Documents shall be done with DIN Cell of Ministry of Corporate Affairs for obtaining DIN.

Filing of Necessary Documents with the Registrar of Companies and obtaining Name Approval of the Proposed Company.

Filing of Necessary Documents with the Registrar of Companies.

Payment of Incorporation Fee.

Follow up with the office Registrar of Companies and obtaining Certificate of Incorporation.